Environmental Consulting, Site Assessments, Safety Training and Compliance

Northwest Las Vegas Valley Flood on US 95 August 25, 2013

HERServices, Inc. provides customers with a multidisciplinary team of professionals that specialize in providing environmental consulting, site assessments, safety training and compliance for OSHA and MSHA facilities, hazardous materials management, stormwater drainage studies and related services to government and industrial clients. HERServices's market base includes private organizations, mining, commercial, construction, and industrial facilities, and local, state, and federal governments and agencies.

What sets us a part is our staff experience in the Las Vegas valley in flood control drainage design and technical review of Clark County land development projects, SPCC plan preparation, industrial storm water quality site inspections, Hazardous material site audits, Phase I environmental site assessments and OSHA/MSHA compliance training.

We recently added a newly renovated commerial building on Valley View for worker safety training classes in OSHA, MSHA, and environmental based courses.

Click here for free SPCC Guide from EPA

Also See our Stormwater Management Consulting web page!  www.stormwatermanagementconsulting.com

 HERServices, Inc. is now a proud participant in the NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ program. 


“Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ and the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ logo are trademarks of the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used with permission.”

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Our building has just been approved as an ENERGY STAR® rated facility!!

About HERServices, Inc.

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HERServices, Inc., is a small woman owned business (under SBA) and is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by the Nevada Department of Transportation. HERServices has statewide certification as defined in 49 CFR, Part 26.

HERServices team of professionals are focused on and committed to providing clients with a quality product. We provide an excellent value to clients by continually employing innovative, creative, and ethical approaches to each project and researching regulatory standards to keep clients current. We believe each individual, including clients, team members, subcontractors, shareholders, owners, and other stakeholders, deserve respect and consideration for their unique abilities.