Environmental Oversight & Facility Compliance

Our certified professionals have experience with assisting customers with their environmental compliance needs. We have prepared RCRA compliance audits that included evaluations of the waste storage facility, documentation and reporting requirements, house keeping, spill containment, labeling and record keeping compliance.

We have assisted clients with waste disposal, waste management alternatives, clean up verification and reporting to Nevada State regulators. Our company has routinely provided cost effective solutions to waste minimization and waste reduction using bio-rememdiation, alternative cleaning solutions and alternatives to waste reduction.

HERServices, Inc. offers the professionals who have working experience with environmental site investigations, groundwater quality sampling, monitoring well construction, and hazardous waste site characterization and evaluation. Our professionals have the knowledge of the arid hydrologic and geologic setting of the desert southwest and how it plays a part in the management of your waste site clean up and management of on site waste.

We also offer Environmental Phase I Site Assessments as per ASTM E1527 and can partner with other environmental firms and/or drilling companies to provide Phase II Site Investigations. In addition our company is licensed in the State of NV to provide asbestos building inspection services to accompany your Phase I site assessments.