Hazardous Materials Safety Consulting & Waste Management Auditing

HERServices professionals are experienced in helping you meet your compliance obligations for hazardous materials management. Our professional staff of Certified Environmental Managers, Hazardous Materials Managers, and Dangerous Goods Professionals are available to conduct compliance audits of your facility. If your employees are in need of additional training, we offer RCRA, OSHA, DOT and NFPA hazardous materials management training to get your company on the road to compliance.

Understanding the differences between the various regulations and how to properly label and manage hazardous materials during shipment and storage is critical to keeping your workforce safe. By December 1, 2013, all of your employees were to be trained under the new OSHA HAZCOM Global Harmonization Standard (GHS) requirements, which include using the GHS compliant labels on chemicals. All employers are responsible for both worker safety and the current environmental regulations for the proper management, handling, labeling, and storage of hazardous chemicals and waste. The employer must be knowledgeable and apply the hazardous chemicals and waste regulations to protect the environment. Employers are required to train their workers to understand and interpret the labeling requirements for worker safety under OSHA, properly store and maintain hazardous waste, manage and label according to EPA's RCRA requirements, and implement the hazardous materials shipper requirements for the handling, labeling, and containerizing hazardous materials are under the Pipeline for Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration, PHMSA, regulations, also known as DOT HAZMAT.

Is this confusing to you? Give us a call and we will work with you to explain the differences and bring your facility into compliance.