OSHA & MSHA Compliance and Safety Training

OSHA Training

HERServices offers a wide variety of safety classes to meet each client's educational requirements. Our safety classes are conducted at the client's place of business to better serve them and reduce the time employees spend traveling. We will work with you to incorporate your worksite hazards, job tasks, and facility issues into our presentations and training exercises to help workers understand the health and safety hazards that may be present at their place of business. A partial list of classes that we offer to clients is listed below. Please call us to discuss additional safety training courses that you may require.

Safety Training

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EPA and DOT Training Classes

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One of our training specialties is in the storage, handling and management hazardous chemicals, materials, and wastes. The improper management of hazardous materials and the chemical exposure risks to employees is one of the top 5 most frequently cited OSHA and EPA violations for businesses. Employees must be trained to recognize their workplace hazards, understand chemical health hazards and incompatibility issues, and be able to determine and select the most effective personal protection equipment to wear to protect themselves and their co-workers

Did you know that the newly adopted Global Harmonization Standards requires all employees to receive training in the new chemical hazards labeling, classifications, and safety data sheets changes by December 1, 2013? Changes to safety data sheets are already being implemented by chemical manufacturers, are you prepared? Call us today to set up an appointment to determine the safety training you need for your workers.


Forklift operators must be trained to understand the limitations of each forklift, the maximum load capacity, and the forklift's ability to safely move the load. Do you believe that this driver was adequately training in the forklift operations under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178? All employers must certify that their powered industrial truck operators are trained, can demonstrate that they understand how to safely use the forklift, and have had periodic performance evaluations. Refresher training is required if the operator is observed to be operating the forklift in an unsafe manner, is involved in an accident or near miss or when they are assigned a different style of truck.

HERServices provides many services to help you to meet your OSHA and MSHA compliance obligations. HERServices offers clients the following:

  • Customized Safety Plans for each Project or Facility
  • OSHA Construction
    29 CFR 1926 Training
  • OSHA General Industry
    29 CFR 1910 Training
  • Facility Safety Compliance Audits
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
  • Facility Compliance Site Inspections
  • Process Safety Management Oversight and Facility Review

Call us today to ask us how HERServices may help you train your workers.