HERServices Environmental Approach and Policy Statement


HERServices recognizes the critical importance of environmental sustainability in today's changing world is the right thing to do. HERServices has implemented workplace changes to become more efficient and reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources in every aspect of our business. HERServices is committed to continually improving our environmental sustainability and social performance in our operations so that we may be a leader in Southern Nevada by reducing our hazardous materials usage, recycling whenever possible and adopting sustainable practices.

HERServices's team of experts will comply with relevant legislation and regulations that best fit our policy for green living, environmental sustainability, and natural resource conservation and decreasing our operating carbon footprint. Our facility is energy and water efficient which meets LEED and EPA's Energy Star requirements. We encourage staff to share our commitment to environmental and social sustainability standards to our suppliers, contractors, agents and manufacturers.

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is our Motto

HERServices will work with your company to develop strategies to reduce costs by becoming more energy efficient, increase recycling, and reduce hazardous chemical waste streams at your facility. Now is the time to your reduce liabilities, improve worker safety and reduce hazardous chemical usage and waste streams; through the use of efficient chemical management systems, process changes, and non-toxic chemical substitutions that reduce the purchase of hazardous materials.

  • Energy conservation through best practices, lighting substitutions and managed power controls
  • Water conservation, reclamation and native plant resources
  • Pollution prevention and waste minimization of hazardous materials
  • Purchasing equipment that contains recycled content

Sustainability Tools for Better Choices

The world of energy and sustainability is evolving every day. Here are a few of our favorite websites and tools to help you keep up with this rapid rate of change.

Water Conservation

Green Guide to Everyday Living

Measure your Carbon Footprint and Impact on the World

Toolkit Resources for Home or Work to reduce Water and Energy Consumption


Our Offices Earned  the EPA’s 2017 ENERGY STAR®


HERServices commitment to the environment and reducing our energy and water consumption was verified with our recent success in earning the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Rating in September 2017.  Our professional office building earned 100 points out of 100!!!  We show that we are using 75% less energy than the previous occupants.  Our commitment to the environment was demonstrated in the following achievements:

Total GHG Emissions 10.8, which was 80% less than the median size property at 49.

Our Property’s Design for an Office Building uses 70.2% less energy and 30% less Natural Gas.

For more information check out our property on ENERGY STAR®

Portfolio Property ID #4583775.



Tip of the Month: CFLs

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and enjoy power bill savings. Here's the math: Using one CFL bulb for 5 hours each day for a whole year will: Save $12 - 15 annually, reduce the kWh used by ~137 kWh, and reduce CO2 by 183 pounds (1.34 lbs of CO2 is generated for each kWh used).